Asphalt paving installation

We install asphalt concrete pavement with the following brands of asphalt concrete mix: AC11AN, AC16AN, AC16AS, AC22AS, AC22PS, AC32PSAC5VL, AC8VL, AC11VN, AC11VS, AC16VS, SMA5N, SMA8S, AC16PD, AC11VN, AC11VS, AC8VN.

Asfalto dangos įrengimasAsphalt concrete – compacted asphalt concrete mixture (crushed stone, sand, mineral powder, bitumen, certain additives). Advantages – low wear, high strength, stability, easy repair, low noise during driving. The main feature of asphalt pavement is durability – which allows the pavement to withstand harmful changes in air changes (temperature fluctuations, etc.).In winter, cracks in the asphalt concrete pavement may occur, and in summer the pavement may become plastic. Stability – related to the density of the mixture, the void gives the amount of space.



Asfalto dangos įrengimas

A well-compacted mixture will have few voids and a poorly compacted mixture will have more. Dense asphalt concrete mixes will be both stable and more difficult to absorb moisture into the lower layers of the structure. Only specialized companies can carry out all the necessary asphalting work, as two layers of asphalt are usually laid and transported hot, which requires a special technique, whereby the asphalt is laid unevenly and under-compacted, which quickly becomes apparent after it is put into service.