Asphalt pavement repair with mastic asphalt

 Mastic asphalt (Guss-Asphalt)

Asfalto dangos remontas mastikos asfaltu

The hot-melt mixture is used for repairing pits, frost damage, suitable for wells and gutter repairs. Fraction size 0-2mm (Mastic Asphalt 20) or 0-5mm (Mastic Asphalt 50). Made from bitumen, mineral fillers, solvent free. Suitable for streets, pedestrian or cycling trails. Mastic Asphalt 20 is used in a thickness of 5-15mm. Mastic Asphalt 50 is used in a thickness of 10-30mm.


·        Excellent adhesion to mineral and bitumen substrates

·        The cooled surface can be driven immediately

·        Frost resistant and almost indefinite shelf life

·        No additional compaction is required