Pothole repair

Asfalto dangos duobių remontas

We carry out the repair of pits, defects, netting in the asphalt pavement, removing the old asphalt pavement, milling or cutting, using hot asphalt concrete for filling. We repair roads, courtyards, parking lots, bicycle paths.

We repair small pits, potholes, damage, wide cracks with cold asphalt. We can repair as required. We also use extremely good quality “reactive asphalt”. When water is added to the mix, it hardens very quickly and can also be used for repairing concrete surfaces.



Asfalto dangos duobių remontas

Reactive asphalt can be laid on roads of all load categories. Before filling, the sides of the pit are primed with bituminous soil, the asphalt is well compacted with a vibratory plate or a vibrating foot.