Crack repair and sealing in asphalt pavement

We repair the seams and cracks in the asphalt pavement in order to prevent it and at the same time stop or reduce the development of defects in the entire pavement structure. Repairs will extend the life of the asphalt pavement and the intervals between periodic maintenance. Not only the design, type, condition or texture of the pavement, but also traffic loads and the value of the road must be taken into account when selecting appropriate repair methods. The most appropriate repair method and technology will be selected.

We apply “Recommendations for the repair of asphalt pavements, joints and defective joints P RT 11.

Įtrūkimų remontas ir hermetizavimas asfalto dangojeĮtrūkimų remontas ir hermetizavimas asfalto dangoje

Crack covering method. Using crack covering  method, the slit, including the area adjacent to it, the width of the future lining, is dried and cleaned using a hot air lance burner. The works are guaranteed so that the existing sublayer does not use the term load caused by the hot air lance burner. Immediately after the initial preparation, the crack area is sealed with a special seal using a special sealant mass. To obtain sufficient surface resistance to slip or creep, the slit cover strip is evenly sprinkled with a fine fraction of the mineral material and pressed into the hot sealant mass. Neprikibusi mineralinė medžiaga prieš  leidžiant eismą – pašalinama.

Milling Sealing Method. Using the Milling and Sealing method, the crack is milled with a milling cutter, cleaned and sealed. By milling a slot, a larger filling cavity is obtained. After milling, the filling cavity is thoroughly cleaned and dried if necessary. The filler cavity is primed when required by the sealant manufacturer. In order to obtain sufficient surface resistance to slip or creep, the crack cover strip must be evenly and uniformly treated with fine mineral material. These excess materials must be spread and pressed into the hot sealant mass. Unbound material before traffic is allowed – removed.

Įtrūkimų remontas ir hermetizavimas asfalto dangoje

The repair and sealing method is used to repair defective joints that, when ruptured or broken, can penetrate the pavement structure with water and contaminants. The cavity is further cut, cleaned, primed, and sealed. The sealant mass is filled to the surface of the carriageway.



Crack causes and damages of asphalt pavemen.Joints and cracks occur for a variety of reasons: physical processes, traffic loads, fundamentals, aging processes, and weather conditions. Defective joint seams occur when the “hot to cold” application is a poorly sealed area at the seam, where the seam of the individual layers is not fully covered and covered with a suitable bituminous binder (mass).Cracks and open seams allow surface water and particulate matter to enter the driveway structure.